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I was just falling asleep when my legs and arms began to feel hot. my friend was there and my friend woke me, and said that my skin started to smoke. a couple minutes later I had holes in my skin and burn blisters yet I wasn't near anything that could cause a burn like that. i looked this up and apparently its one of the first symptoms of spontaneous combustion? i read some other people also had smoking arms or legs o_o am i going to burn?
hannaxchris hannaxchris 16-17, F 3 Answers May 3, 2012

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An allergic reaction of some type. All of those so-called spontaneous human combustion cases have all had a few things in common. They people were obese of had high body fat levels and an open flame was nearby. Human body fat will burn unless something outs it out. You had an allergic reaction.

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