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My aunt was 32 years old and a very

attractive lady. She was 5'8" tall and weighed 130 pounds, with

the little amount of excess weight in her hips and thighs. She said taking me

over to a

chair. She placed me in the seat of the chair. "Now this is

going to be very uncomfortable for you, but I promise, no matter how

hard or how long I squash you, you will be just fine. It'll hurt

like everything, but you will not be permanently harmed in anyway.

You're my little baby..

n from now on!" With that said, she turned around abruptly and

sat down on me. I could feel my flattened body conforming to the

curves of her butt, immediately as I squashed under her weight. I

was unable to move, or hardly breathe or anything except lay there

and be my mom's cushion. She sat on me and squirmed and twisted on

me, and then finally she raised up about 2 feet. I thought she was

going to let me up and turn me back into her son again. Instead she

practically fell down on me as hard as she could.

After sitting on me a couple of minutes, she got up. "Wow, you

make an excellent cushion to sit on baby!"

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I've seen a women in her later 20s early 30s sit on a young teen boys lap on a bus journey! I swear her thighs were bigger than both his legs combined and I could see his legs tremble under her! She was not fat but she was very busty and much taller than him. He complained and moaned but she sat there full weight for atleast 10minutes he was about to cry in the end! :( I was so sad seeing that!

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Where was this?

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I want a big,sexy babe to sit,shake & fart on me as i'm a man now.But,i could not imagine a woman sits on a boy.Therefore,I HAAAAATE it if some1 does bcos who the HEEEELLL she thinks she is sitting on a boy who never DESEEEEEEEERVES to feel any woman's butt,let alone big,sexy babe's big butt.It is stupid,brainless & insulting to men like me.She's 1 big idiot.

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all my aunts sat on my lap when i was child ..when i was about 13 one off them sat on my face accedently this was real fullweight and verry short i never forget the weght felt much off the stories i read about moms sitting on her son are made up because they are deadly

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did you like it when they sat on you?

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did any one of your aunt make you a horsey/ pony on your 4s and sit on your back. then make you move like a horse

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I want someone to sit on my lap

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fetish freak

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wheee ... where did you grow up? How come I didn't get any adult women???????

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More like the other way around...

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When I was 8 years old my mom sat on my stomach for hours at a time.

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