I met this guy about a month ago, and I still don't know that much about him. He is polite and charming, but seems to be closed off emotionally. I found out he is an aquarius, and my heart sank because I've heard that about the sign. So, if any of you ladies can tell me about your experience with your aquarius that would be great. Oh, also how long did it take for him to open up?
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Yes my ex is an Aquarius in the beginning everything is good. Sooner or later being in a relationship will feel more like a job to him if it lasts long. They are flirts and love making friends.(female friends mainly) They also love their freedom, don't mention anything that has anything to do with emotions because they have a hard time with that. Forcing him with emotions will only push him away.

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Don't take Zodiac seriously. It's one thing to make financial decisions based off of Zodiac but it's another to make decisions with the Zodiac. That's why I am personally against the superstitions because we tend to elevate these non-human objects to the status of humans. Then we sacrifice humans for these objects.

You are about to reject a human based on a writing that scientifically is strongly doubted. There are probably other reasons for his emotional closure like you might have been inappropriately probing to see if he was open. He might have been hurt before. His family might just be closed off like that.

Besides that, I'm sure he has his strengths. You already mention that he's polite and charming. What if he was emotionally open, but rude? You're throwing a guy that most women complain they can't find over a superstitious paragraph.

Imagine he found out you made your decision based on Zodiac. He's probably be hurt and angry. You'll also not look very honest. You'll look shallow and silly. You'll never find a great guy by Zodiac because there are drawbacks to all personalities. I suggest you just drop it. Keep dating him, and if he shows himself to be too unwilling to open up, take a good look at yourself to see if the problem is you, then, if it's not, drop him.

However, don't make the mistake of throwing a way a great guy over something like this. You'll be kicking yourself.

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Great advice, thanks for taking the time to reply. He is just so hard to figure out ughh.

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I dated one for 6 months . . . I miss his smile and friendship the most . . .

friendships are what their best at though . . . not much more . . . I wish you luck . . .

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From what i have experienced, aquarians are really charming and they have an amazing way with women.Spontaneous flirts by nature.gThey can just about tap any female with their sense of humor and flattery.they are very good listeners and give u a great comfort zone .you feel like you can tell them everything that happened in your life,even the scandalous stuff.

But things change once you get seriously involved.They start picking faults ,you no longer feel comfortable telling them everything,u may even be taunted by them as they feel insecure about you.There may be exceptions,as nt everybody behaves the same way.Am just telling u my perspective

The nice part is they are really caring and devoted to u.Inspite of all the bickerings and faultfindings,they love you like no other.

Go ahead!

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somewhat introverted but can/will loosen up once trust is established

do not recover from hurt easily

expressive & thoughtful

definitely commitment minded

good listeners, loyal

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i wouldnt put so much importance on the zodiac signe ad rather concentrate on that single person. no matter what yo expect from a person, theyre nothing like we want them to be. Its hard, but we each need to learn how to communicate withot a rulebook , otherwise they will treat us stereotypically as well.

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I married one. I don't recommend it

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What happened?

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