I did a long , long time ago... I had a very mild case of sleep apnea.
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Yes! But not for sleep apnea. I had and sometimes have this thing called... dang what;s it called......

oh yeah

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.

Sometimes, while I dream, I yell, curse, punch, kick, and stuff in real life while lying in bed. It scares the hell out of anyone around me, and it sucks waking up because you busted your knuckles open on your nightstand.

I have it under control more than I used to.

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Wow ...Ive heard of people doing that when they have experienced something like being in a war. They fight in their sleep...didnt know there was a name for that.

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I haven't been in any wars, but wars have raged inside me for over a decade. I didn't know it had a name until I read some articles online. Thanks for Best Answer!

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I did many years ago because I was having problems breathing.

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Yes, found I have severe sleep apnea.

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