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Yes I have. Starting when I was 12 I had dreams before relatives died, the first one was my mother and totally unexpected. I had a terrible feeling when the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, I was on a back stairwell working when I got an overwhelming feeling, and asked myself how the building remained standing. When it was time for break about 20 minutes later, I sat down in the break room and wanted to cry but didn't know why. We got a call a few minutes later to turn on the TV to the news. I also felt something terrible was going to happen before 9-11, the feeling was overwhelming and felt the need to tell someone, my sister called the Sunday before & I told her something terrible was going to happen, I felt it in my soul. She didn't believe me and said she only worried about each day as it came. I also got clues about my daughter when she was a teen, before something happened I would get a flashing light in the corner of my left eye. When I found out what was wrong the flashing would stop. Once it was for a seizure she had at school.

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Yes, I told a friend that she was going to think I was crazy but not to go home that night and then her apartment burnt down. She did think I was crazy but she had seen me do things like this before so luckily she listened and went to a friends house that night and was safe.

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