well. i'm 15 got pregnant at13 and i have a 2 years old little girl. i met her dad in a party and i got pregnant one months after i met him. well he saw my daughter maybe5 or 6 times. He talks to her on the phone rarely! but what sometimes i do feel some guilty for not giving my daughter her dad. But he doesnt seems interested on being part of her life. anyway have u ever though?
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The only thing worse for a baby than not having a father, is having a father who doesn't love, care for, nurture and teach them.

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First of all, I want to say that I am not a mom, nor a dad. But, it's my own opinion that all children needs a mom and a dad. My own parents got divorced when i was about 5 years old, and to this day I can't forgive my mother.

Yes, of course, If you have chosen a daddy who's abusive / violent, you need to get the baby away from him. If you are 'just' fighting and discussing, well.. GROW UP! Both of you.. Stop arguing, see some counseling or something. Work **** out instead of just giving up.

There's a reason why its a bad idea to get pregnant when you are young.. You are not ( i don't care what anybody says) mature enough to take care of a baby, nor mature enough to held a relationship with the other parent.

Ultimately, it was your choice to get have a baby. Now make it your choice to give your baby a good upbringing with both parents..

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Having one parent that really cares means a million times more than having two that don't get on and reflects onto your childs wellbeing.

Are you sure its you that doesn't need him in your life after seeing him again?we all feel like that from time to time and having a baby so young must be hard going alot of the time so its not unusual to want someone to 'share' the burden.

I had a baby quite young and although my partner was around for the first couple of years it was pretty bad alot of the time and I was better off on my own with family and friends for support.

A few years later I married and my husband adopted my child who is now a happy young woman herself, unlike me she is waiting a bit longer to have kids, Good Luck x

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yes, and i did 3times.. the reality of it was, its better for us to just be apart because fighting and the bad energy is much worse for the child.

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