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My little 6 year old boy broke my heart today .... I am separated 4 yrs with his Father...last 2 months we have not been talking at all as he is a real piece of work! Tried talking to my son about our separation as often as he likes..I have tried to explain the reason his dads not here without bagging him...(even though I would love to tell him the truth, but he is way too young ) Tonight the Father called to speak to him...the chatted for a few minutes... My son is aware that I never speak to his Father and usually he is ok with that...or at least I thought he was...:( Tonight for some reason...he came over to me with the phone asking his Father to speak to me... I calmly told my son that his Daddy would prefer to speak to him....My boy was not taking No for an answer... When I asked why was it important I speak to his Daddy his response gutted me! "Dad please speak to Mummy...and say sorry to her so you can be together again!
Wiltingflower Wiltingflower 36-40, F 3 Answers Apr 26, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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