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How bad was it?
mzdivine mzdivine 56-60 4 Answers Aug 11, 2009

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I pulled up at the lights (notoriously slow changing) and another car pulled up sudenly next to me ... from it emerged and irrate silver haired pensioner, in the passenger seat was what I presumed to be silver haired wife pensioner. He made his way to my driver door started screaming and kicking the door ... calling me out to 'fix me up' I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one who cut him off ... but instead I sat there like a stunned rabbit while he ranted and feebly tried to inflict damage on thepanel work ... life to date had not given me the tools to deal with enraged pensioners ... and I was sure to make the evening news shame file if I got out of the car ... complete helplessness until after about 100 years the lights finally changed.

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I guess it was road rage, I have a story about it<br /><br />
<br />
The guy smashed out my car window with an axe.

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I was following my friend to Nevada. He was in a semi truck. This guy would NOT let me over. He was intentionally slowing down/speeding up to keep me from getting in his lane. I radioed to my friend Good Geoff, and he called two more semi trucks over. Together, the semi trucks surrounded the guy, and ran him into the ditch.

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