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I auditioned for The Voice 3 separate times. Guess, I wasn't what they were looking for. 4th time's the charm? lol

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Yes, but not for quite a while. I'm a member of SAG and am offered parts in any movies, an Yes you do know my work.

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No I couldn't even make the cattle call for my own life story

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Yes, when I was younger, I auditioned for ya few movies and TV show. I did not live far from Los Angeles at the time. I landed parts on two unsold TV pilots. One of them was a cop show in which I played a witness to a murder committed by a then known actor named George Clooney. I was also up for the part of Fun Bobby on "Friends."

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I auditioned once for the Christmas Revels. I made a mistake during the song and I knew that was the death knell for that opportunity. But I can sing. :)

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I was just in an Independent movie as an extra over the summer. There were some B list actors in it. It looks like a good movie. Supposed to be a modern day version of "Little Women".

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The Distinguished Gentleman - movie

Jeopardy - gameshow

Where the Wild Things Are - play

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Yes. And I didn't get a role other than as an extra. Boring, boring, boring!!

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Once I auditioned at an open cast call in Chicago for s movie called "Desert Bloom". No I did not get the part.

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I auditioned for several plays these are the ones I GOT

"A few good Men"

"Murder by natural causes"

"I hate Hamlet"

"Jeckle & Hyde"

"Sound of Music"


"Sounds of the Holidays"




"Crown Dodge"

"Grey's Furnature"

"American Heart Association"

"Jenson Hearing aid"

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I auditioned and got on a kids TV show called Raven for BBC Scotland.

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I chickened out right at the day of the audition so no lol.

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