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Yes a few ,some you can let go some you can't.

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i have just been lied to by my partner of 4 years, hes at his mums tonight, i feel betrayed and confused now :-(

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Thank you!

I love the way you asked your Questions!

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Thanks :)

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I was betrayed by my step-dad's sister (an aunt that, as far as I'm concerned, does not exist to me anymore). She, her husband, and my step-dad's parents came to visit me and my ex. Didn't call, didn't ask if it was ok that they come to our house. Nothing. I didn't want them to see that house. It was a dump heap that should have been condemned and we still had some stuff that hadn't really been moved in or unpacked. Plus, to make matters worse, we had just gotten home from the hospital with my infant 2-month-old daughter, who'd had to be in the hospital because she was termed "Failure to Thrive" by her pediatrician.

We did not have any AC in that house, so it was hot as hell and she was spitting up more of her bottle than she'd keep down, so she was losing weight. It was a horrible situation.

Well, these people show up like not even 5 minutes after we got home. My "aunt" took one look at the house and called CPS, trying to claim that we were being negligent parents. My daughter only had Infant Reflux, hence the lack of weight gain. But they didn't actually admit that until a few months after she and my older son were taken and put into foster care.

That ***** didn't bother to ask the complexities and misery of our situation. She took one look, made a horrible assumption, and had my children taken away and separated from me for almost 2 years. For the majority of that time, I only got to see my children once a week for an hour. I was forced to miss my oldest's 2nd birthday because it did not fall on a visitation day. My daughter, though she is now about to turn 5, still has separation anxieties and can't even let me go to the grocery store without putting up a fuss as though she's never going to see me again.

I didn't find out that it was my aunt's doing until about a year and a half ago or so. I'd thought it was the doing of the home nurse who'd come to check on my daughter earlier in the day that they were taken. She'd been a ***** and we hadn't wanted her back. She had told US that Kaylinn was gaining weight back, but she told the court a completely different story. So there were a LOT of people trying to keep my children from me. I suffered having people treat me like I just HAD to be the worst parent in the world because surely only BAD parents have their children taken by CPS, which is most definitely not the case.

I and my children went through all this because my "aunt" wanted to be an assuming c*nt. She'd even said that she couldn't believe I'd gotten my kids back.

What have I done about it? Nothing. She's in Colorado and I'm in Oklahoma and haven't seen her since that day that she was here. But if I ever do have to see her again, I will call her on her **** and let her know that she is not my family. I still hate her for what she put me and my family through all because we'd fallen on hard times. I don't think I will ever forgive her either.

Best Answer over it :-)

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Yes many of them and held grudges my whole life. Damn bastards/*******.

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Yes, nothing

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