Where one person stomps and huffs and puffs and threatens to leave, therefore getting all of the focus on them instead of the discussion at hand.
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You’re talking about me aren’t you? AREN’T YOU!! Well I’ll show you! I’ll show you! I’m leaving and I won’t be back...and I’m taking my ball with me!

Ok, that was fun, but can we go back and talk about me some more?

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Many times.

Do you know what, I don't usually want to mention names on here, but there was a woman called Rose - you know who you are - who I met in an alcohol detox unit. She was quite nice at first, but then as soon as I didn't pay her enough attention (and directed it to someone else), she cooked up any excuse to be as nasty as she possibly could towards me (and the person I chose to give more attention to).

In subsequent group discussions I saw her crocodile tears and hijacking of the whole discussion (everyone trying to empaphise with her... quite frankly, marginallly more dysfunctional that the averagely dysfunctional family situation), and it just made me feel that despite her situation coming from a slightly more difficult place than my own, that she was just being such a huge drama queen that she robbed the other people from expressing their own feelings.

She was a drama queen, and huge! Sorry, but I can't find any redeeming things to say about her

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what a terrific question! Yeah! it happens all the time at family get-togethers. i have a son-in-law who always does that. all of us laugh when he does, because it's just his nitwit way. we all love him in spite of himself, and we never feed into it. if he leaves... he leaves. we love him anyway. but it sure is funny!

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I'm not often in group discussions since I work mostly alone. I have noticed that when I am in a group, people moan about someone else who isnt there; its a bit unfair as they can't defend themselves

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I`ve been in many groups and the discussion nearly always winds up centred on one person Its just natural selection that one person will have more sway on a particular subject I`ve never encountered the situation of someone having a hissy fit & threatening to leave Maybe they should stand in a corner untill they grow up

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I think maybe they need they help more than I do not to mention how selfish they are time to find a new group

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