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guardsvan guardsvan 41-45, M 3 Answers Sep 8, 2012 in Community

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I have been to one, haven't lived in one though. There's nothing simple about their lives, it's harder and more complex, just seemingly "simpler" because they aren't preoccupied with texting all the time.

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I have tried more than once to join christian communities and live an 'alternative' lifestyle. Life does not always go according to plan and things are seldom all that they appear to be within the community. They weren't as remote or austere as Amish communities but they were basically reformed protestant, and puritanical. They practice believers baptism and emphasize personal accountability to God thru humility, prayer and meditation. It quickly became apparent to me that they were prone to the same petty jealousies and little foibles as everyone else combined with a worrying degree of inhibition and sexual ignorance. Young men and women who are 'unable to resist the devil' frequently end up married as young as 17 or 18. It is not surprising to me that many of these marriages are short lived and create a lifetime of regret for their children to struggle through. Once they depart from the faith many of these 'urban evangelicals' never come back, unlike the Amish who usually own the land they work on and enter into arranged marriages.

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