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I got married within a year of meeting him, I was just turned 19.

I was totally faithful for 8 years.

We were under a lot of pressure through out the marriage with infertility and family problems.

For most of the marriage he had lost interest in sex and I felt so totally unloved and crap about myself.

In the end I had 2 flings and although it is classed as wrong I don't regent them.

People cheat when something is going wrong or a need is unmet.

We lasted another 3 years and ended up divorcing.

I look back and see the mistakes we both made but gaining some self confidence by having a sexual relationship with another man was not one of them

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Nope, never cheated and yes been cheated on and ya know what? At the end of the day, they cheated on themselves

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Most if not all my previous relationships, I've cheated. Mainly because it was my chicken **** way of getting out of the relationship, without him wanting to come back to me. If he caught me cheating, the relationship was over and he'd be angry at me about it for quite some time.

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been cheated...and that particular moment i found out seems like tomorrow never comes....

cheated on him? NEVER...or shuld i say not yet ;)

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"A man is as faithful as his opportunities." Chris Rock

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I cheated on everyone I wasn't married to.

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iv never cheatd and never will cuse i have been cheated on once and it wasent a good felling u blame urself and u get the gutt felling he or she is cheating and instincts are 99% of the time its right

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FWIW, just made me feel like I hit rock bottom. Not loved, worthless and didn't meet his needs. Now that might not be his reasons BUT that is how I felt about it. That killed any love that I had for that man.

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