I haven't been to one in years. I get told I can't be read. I went to one with a friend and she was told she would get another car. We had an accident on the way home and her car was written off.
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I don't know if this counts, and I kind of think it doesn't... but I thought this was odd... years ago this kinda ****** up guy I went to school with went hitchhiking with a buddy of his & got picked up by a trucker and ended up in New York, the trucker paid for a hooker and a hotel room and then he passed out so they sat there talking to this hooker that claimed to be a gypsy, now I don't know how the hell she knew I existed (no I never met her, I'm all the freaking way up in Canada) but she apparently started talking about me and **** about me and some books and junk and things I know... though he couldn't get too much out of her of why she brought it up before she started speaking in tongues so he ended up just taking a shower with her.

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