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So I had one of those things last night. It was very odd. I was looking through my friend's Facebook profile last night because I enjoy looking through his photos. (To be clear, it's a long distance friendship.) I eventually got tired and crashed on the couch. Then, I remember waking up to the thoughts of having the frick frack with my friend (he said he's going to come and visit me one day, so I guess my subconscious was hypothesising on the things that could happen??). Then I just felt so stimulated by the dream even though it feels so wrong and so weird. I mean, the chances that my friend and I will ever do the frick frack is extremely slim. He's also made it fairly clear that we don't have the chance to be together even though we're both attracted to each other so why is my subconscious doing this to me?! Why can't it just take the hint and get over him?
manicprincess manicprincess 16-17, T Aug 18, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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