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I am knelt in supplication

In the vast cathedral hall

I can feel the shards of angst

Firing deep into my soul

I look up for the God of love

But all that greets my eyes

Are the many jaded angels

In the tapestry of lies

As the altar candles flicker

I can feel my hopes take flight

I find myself in the darkness

Of this sacrilegious night

There comes floating into sight

A most patronising wraith

It is the mighty God of dust

Who tries hard to steal my faith

I can see the twelve apostles

I can see the chosen one

A dark satanic horseman

And the ***** of babylon

The apocalypse avenger

Rides a steed of pallid green

A harbinger of consequence

Who will write the final scene

I hear words of revelation

Which say it is all a myth

And the suffering of Christ

Has the taste of bitter pith

I can hear the chanted voices

As the world begins to spin

I can hear the echoed silence

Coming from the house of sin

Now the crucifix is burning

And I cower from the flame

As it sears my mortal soul

But cleanses not the blame

Then I feel my soul is rising

Up to the tapestry of lies

Where I see the jaded angels

Have teardrops in their eyes

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Yes, the place I work at, I'm there alone in the early morning sometimes and weird **** happens there. I sometimes hear what sounds like someone hitting metal with a hammer. It always stops when I go to check it out.

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I dont know if u would call it paranormal, but when we drove in our car, me and my dad and lil brother both felt like we were about to fade, and everything went in slowmotion, nobody said anything until i asked if they felt the same, since i went for the steering wheel since my dad wasnt really steering for a moment :), just a strange moment hehe.

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I don't remember. If I feel something wierd in my presence I threaten it and curse it out with a warning before it can get busy.

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i have two UFO stories, but i was intoxicated so its null n void :)

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not sure - probably not consciously

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No and I never will because I'm not an idiot who believes in such superstitious rubbish.

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