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Um... Well this dream only happened twice, once when I was in 2nd grade and then again 5 years later...

I was in my childhood room, and then I would walk out of the room, and then suddenly scary monsters would pop out of nowhere. I would get really scared and try running, but I couldn't get away no matter what. When they are on the verge of getting me, I deny it happening, and suddenly I bolt straight out of bed, "waking up" from the nightmare. I would then go towards the door, a bit more carefully, and take a few steps out of the door. Suddenly, the same monsters would chase after me, and I was afraid of them. This pattern would occur over and over again for several times.

After a certain point, I go out of the room, knowing that the monsters would be there. However, instead of that, there's this girl seated near my door, whom I recognize to be a classmate I liked. I sat in front of her, curious about why she was there. She took my hands into hers, and made me promise something, although I don't remember what. She then had her hands closed again. She was about to open the hands up again, showing me what was now hidden within...

Then I wake up for real. Yep. What started as a "recurring nightmare" that never ended turned out to be a strange dream.

BTW the only reason why this question caught my interest was because I was watching an anime recently that had to do with dreams and nightmares and "dream demons".

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I only had one recurring dream... And even then it was slightly different than the first time I had it.. If I could I would troll my old Livejournal to find it, but instead I'll try and describe it to the best of my recollection (was about 8yrs ago now).

I was walking towards a large white house that looked very similar to a church chapel. It had large bay windows/doors with white curtains, and a large balcony these windows looked out to. I looked into the window/door and saw immaculately white beds with little girls about 4-7yrs of age all asleep like china dolls in there... Immediately I could feel a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach, and I ran from that place.

That was the first dream.

The second dream started almost the same, walking up to the white chapel house, but the bay windows were open this time, and curtains flapping outwards in the wind. The girls were bouncing on their beds, cheerful and happy, and invited me to join them. When bouncing I was able to literally defy gravity and curl up in a ball in the corner of the ceiling (not the first dream I have dreamt I have done this), but then I got down (somehow?) and the girls took me to the garden out the back.

It was a large, grassy hill, the grass bright green though a large tree provided a lot of shade over the majority of this garden. This tree was set in the middle of the hill, overlooking the "valley" dip of the garden. It was very quiet. Again the sense of dread took me over, and I asked the girls what this place was.

"This is where they send the bad girls," was the reply, and suddenly amongst the grass were small, white gravestones. These were the graves of the bad girls, said the girls I was with. They said that they weren't allowed to step out of line, or they would be killed.

I don't remember the end of that dream.

But that's the only recurring dream I've ever had :)

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I was in love with a guy, whose destiny was basically to die before I woke up. I would try to save him in every dream, no nightmare, but he would die. In the last nightmare he told held my hand saying, "You will fall in the end." and pushed me off a building. those nightmare continued for more than five days straight. So scary~

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I do. It always starts out as a pleasant dream. I can fly, no wings, so I guess it is more like simply levitating and floating along. So nice. Then, it changes. I start going higher and higher and I can't get back down. I get further and further away, and I have no way to land. I wake up in a cold sweat, shaking and terrified, every time.

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Yesm it recured to me that there was something to do with someone I used to know in a dream.

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when i was very young....7 or 8....i kept having the dream that i was being chased through a jungle, by a huge black gorilla.....tree leaves hitting my face and arms as i ran and ran....crying and screaming....but i always woke up before he got me...

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