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My older brother was in the Navy and got deployed during Desert Storm.

There wasn't one day that my whole family didn't worry about him but luckily he made it home safe.

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The last 10 + years (since 9-11-01) have been rough on the military and their families. Having spend years deployed in some not so friendly places I can say that it takes a lot of hope. Go on about your normal day, think of us often, pray for us (if you're into that), be supportive, and use the support groups (if they aren't just a huge biXCh session).

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My son was a US Navy Officer during the Bosnian war era. He was deployed to the Mediterranean for about 6 months. Even though he was relatively safe on the ship .. I worried a lot about him.

He came back fine and we were able to take a Tiger Cruise on his ship when they returned. It was so much fun seeing him and being able to be on the ship with him and his shipmates.

Deployments can be tough for military personnel and their families. Luckily, there are often support groups for families that help them cope. It's just a difficult part of the job and one of the many sacrifices they give for their country.

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