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I had a 20 year old nephew who was in high school and had moved away so I saw him only ar Xmas. He was going through things like I had too. He hung himself....his sister found him. I never got to tell him he was handsome and I adored him. I wrote a letter...put it in his coffin. I knew how he felt...but he never knew it. Id lived in pain like him...I understood completely.
Darkmoonshadow Darkmoonshadow 46-50 5 Answers Aug 25, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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KILLED themself

I moved away

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Yes, there was a troubled young man I tried very hard to help. He told someone to thank me for trying and stepped in front of a train.

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Yes. I had a sweet friend named Chris who was wrestling with depression. He was also totally enamored with a certain woman. She broke up with him, and he shot himself. It's a very sad thing.

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