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Probably a once in a life time oppotunity. I was not allowed to go to the science museum which which was on a special day which allowed the kids to enjoy rides and go on the earthquake simulator which I really wanted to go on then to make matters worst they started telling me how fun it was and I was just really upset (You probably think that I was overeacting but I wasn't this was new technology that I wanted to ride) and I never got a chance to ride after that even though 4 years later we got to go to the same museum but theyy got rid of the earthquake simulator.
AlphaMale19 AlphaMale19 22-25, M 5 Answers Jun 21, 2012

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Was forbidden to go on the HS Senior trip- no reason- she just said no

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sorry you have been holding this in for so dam long wow well their is a place called univeral studio's and they have something like that there promise you will enjoy! save your monies !

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Yes in 4th grade I broke my arm and got the chicken pox and missed the field trip. It wasn't so much where they were going it was just the fact that I missed out.

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