You probably have seen this weed while driving in the country, it starts out as a large fuzzy leaf and then it has a large stalk that shoots up about 5 feet and then has yellow flower blooms in a candle like shape. The Indians used it as medicine for scraps, burns, cuts and rashes. You just rub the leaf on the area and the next day it feels much better. I also read about people using the stalks to lite at funerals long ago and there are many myths about the plant.
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I want to try that. It sounds like an amazing plant.

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I had a very bad upper respiratory infection for a month. Thought i was going to die.

An Indian Chief friend of mine gave me some to smoke. I don't smoke and thought it would do more harm than good. But I was desperate to get the phlegm out of my bronchial tubes so I rolled it up like a joint and smoked it.

Surprisingly mild but made me cough up so much crap that I felt better from then on.

It has a natural anti-biotic when you smoke it. Here is a link if anyone is interested.

Actually blue lobelia is Indian tobacco. You somewhat get a relaxed high off of it.

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How can you have candles in your brassiere ?

It doesn't make sense.

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I don't know, I've heard that this plant is also called Indian Tobacco, they dry it and smoke it.

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