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I use to have a friend that asked me out and was checking to see if I was a lesbian, kissed me, aked me to go to the dance with her, tried to pull of my bra or something, asked me to sleep with her and that it's not werid she's done it before with other girls, rubs up agianst me saying it's a game (Big Sister, Little Sister), ties me up to a desk whelley chair with scarfs and is like all over me, claims she feel asleep and jumps ontop of me at my uncles house in front of my cousins which know they probally think of me diffently, I got a shoe and beat the crap out of her with it, until she got off of me, tickles me infront of everybody, watches my house until I come home then calls me like a million times and cries if I hang up on her on the phone acting like she's going to kill herself. I keep on wondering if I am a lesbian. But, I am not. I have crush on guys and have never thought a girl was cute in like an oh my god I would so marry you kind of way or every had a crush on a girl.
NicolePear NicolePear 16-17, F 1 Answer Jul 23, 2012

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