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At a Cantina in Juarez Mexico

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USA Congress

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it's a donkey and elephant show in Washington, DC What they got in common is @$$holes.

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Saw a donkey basketball game once...does that count?

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Yes! While in the Navy, my division had a party for us because we had broken a few long standing records on the flight deck.

We had the party at a little bar far from town while in Alongapo city, Phillipines.

They had a girl that would dance naked on stage and do all kinds of nasty things. She would sit on a stack of Pasos and then spit you out change. Then" then she brought out the donkey! OMG ! Sick!

She did things to that poor donkey that he will be too embarressed to tell his friends about!

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I have seen a smoke and mirror show

a dog and pony show

but no donkey show.

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