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I did as a quirky teenager but never again. My best advise to anyone out there who owns one, please get rid of it. It mainly makes contact with the lower astral plane. It's a resting place for mainly negative entities.

A lot of souls of those that were once human that chose not to progress more or move on to the light due to a trauma death or they have had a hard life and they have a lot of unresolved conflicts with the physical world and those souls' are very unhappy. The Ouija also connects with those misguided souls.

Here's a sad but true story:

I had an issue with a supposed 16 y.o. male who came through that lived a very unhappy short life. I urged him to move on to the light but he didn't want to. He wanted to befriend me, I asked him if he loved God he said yes. I agreed but as long as he looked out for me and didn't cross his boundaries nor my boundaries of free will. He agreed to that fact

It's weird ever since then over the following years from time to time, I had vivid linear dreams that would involve an average sized- teenaged male that would pretty much hang out with me in a park setting and other recreational activities. He would warn me in my dreams of impending danger and saved my life (earthly wise 3 times) through those dreams. Because I took heed

Maybe he was legit and just wanted a friend to hang out with for a little while but a few years later, he did finally moved on. I would love to meet him in heaven when my natural time of death occurs. (He came through in 2002, I got rid that Ouija Board in 2005, he left in mid 2006.) My communication with him improved through my dreams and was superb in 2004, I didn't feel the need for the board anymore. He said that he'd been trying to block other entities from trying to communicate with me. After doing reading and research, I urged him to accept what he did and that I enjoyed his company and I appreciated him helping me out. But there's greater happiness on The Other Side, God will still love and forgive him.

I'm sad to say that he was a suicide victim, he'd attached himself to me for a little while, and it's scary he'd admitted to it from the start but the name he gave me, was the exact name first and last of a body that was found and identified in the general proximity of where I lived 2 weeks after meeting him.

The family photos when it made news headlines matched the person that I was seeing in my dreams.

Other people had not so pleasant experiences with the Ouija, some even report demonic (or severe paranormal activity.)

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doesn't work for me and people who use them can't get them to work in my house. in the yard, yes, but not in the house.

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Yes I have and I jumped backwords but don't remember why

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Tried it as a kid. When my dad and I tried it, it didn't move at all.

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