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Yes the difference in me from 22 to 32 was night and day I sat in the front row , I would read the whole text book before attending class . if I had put in half the effort in high school as I did in community college it was only because i was older a lot more mature and I knew the benefits of learning

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I did. And while the idea of going back to school was not a bad one, the way I did it was a mistake. I was 22 years out of school. Had four kids, and went to a regular full time college course. I flunked out after one semester. I didn't have the time or the energy to keep up with the studies. I wish I had taken night courses. Just one a year. I would have done much better if I hadn't tried to do so much at once. As it was, it cost me a lot of money and I got nothing out of it except disappointment and some kids who weren't getting the attention they deserved.

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The best choice ever!

I was with great people and community of teachers who were amazing people and I was totally inspired and pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of!

I enrolled in college and studied American Sign Language as an adult and mother; I knew no one who is Deaf or adept at ASL and so it was really a brand new world for me exciting and scary!

It was an experience I will never forget and treasure always!!

No one is ever too old to learn!!!!! :D

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Well, I went to the police academy for 4 months, but what I love the most is that others that were on the same police department for their career choice, wasted so many years in college to end up with the same job as me, a high school drop out with GED and I made sergeant the last four years, some of those guys hated me for it, and it still tickles me when I think about it. (chuckle)

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It was a mistake. Every decision I've ever made has been a mistake.

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I got kicked out of university after my second year for academic and other 'cough' reasons :P I went back after taking a year off and doing some growing up. Straight out of high school and going to university I did not take it serious enough. Some people would say I wasted 2 years before getting kicked out but for me it was learning experience. I completed my studies in journalism after going back and it was by far one of the best decisions made.

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