I will never forget this... Morning of my wedding, i had showered, put on my pajamas packed up my bag with make up, hair stuff, lotion, perfume, ect.. so i could get ready at the church after my hair appointment.. well as I was packing the bag, my grandma comes into my bathroom (id been living with them) and hands me a small WalMart bag that had a box in it. I pull out the box to see its a box of Female Sponges.. i look at my grandma and she says "Honey, use these sponges, most men dont like to use condoms, in fact your grandpa always says that wearing a condom is like wearing socks in the shower, just stupid..." I just stood there dumbfounded by what she said, right then my Maid of Honor showed up and my grandma left-- I couldt stop laughing after the shock wear off.. and i STILL get crap about it from my Maid of Honor..
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My grama always said:

A good man is hard to find but a hard man is good to find!

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Yeah my mom's parents were actually pretty racist. Not SUPER racist, but just the words that they chose to use I suppose.

I misunderstood the question, their comments never made me laugh, I swear!

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That whole generation is whacko.

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Yes! When they start telling my

Stories of how crazy,rebelious,

And nauthy I was, when I was a

Lil kid, stuff I don't even remember,

There is when I get speechless and


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