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so can this be done,yes,so the facts are,to go round the world ,it is 26,400 miles,80 days is 1,920 hours,so,how fast do we need to go,is it (A ) 20 miles per hour,or (B) 13.8 miles per hour,or (c) is it 18 .3 miles per hour,which is it,and say why you think it is that answer. The reply to this is it A,B,or C and why do you think you are right.the earth spins at 1,110 miles per hour going east to west,so it is clear if you go west, the world is turning to meet you,and if you go east so britain to new york would be longer,going east,as you play catch up,than if you go west,it should be faster due to the earth going east to west.
danielm85948 danielm85948 56-60, M 4 Answers Jul 4, 2010

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The answer is (D) Non of the above. Like Phineas Fogg, you forgot to allow for the rotation of the earth during your journey. Its either 13.58 mph or 13.92 mph, depending on whether you travelled East or West.

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It is a book, and there is also a series with Micheal Palin of monty python fame who follows the rout taken by Philious Fogg in the book.

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That sounds like fun

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