i lost my virginity to a woman 8 yrs elder to me a couple of years ago. i still continue to enjoy her. she is sexy and does everything for me in bed. now i feel that i am getting attracted to older woman only. now there is the other older woman whom i fantazise of *******. shall i **** her tooo??? is it normal??
sweetkannan sweetkannan 26-30 13 Answers May 22, 2009

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I'm having sex with my mom's friend and she is amazing. She is sexy and curvy and loves it in every hole. I think older women are dirtier and sexier than young girls

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I was 15, she was 43 (widowed friend of the family). It continued until I left for the Navy at 19. Even got together from time to time when I was home on leave.

Also got with my ex-gf's mom several times. She was 2 years younger than my mother.

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Hahaha! Wouldn't know what to say. I'm going through the same thing, and Im starting to like older women. The only thing that's truly killing me at the moment is something I heard from my mother and aunt. They said that having sexual intercourse with an older women is bad because it cuts your youth. They said that the women sucks in your youth, which is why many people that date older women look older than what they actually are. I don't know if this has logic or if it's true, but I'm still trying to see if it's true. But other than that... Think about your feelings for both. If you think your first girl could forgive you for cheating on her, then it's your call. Be prepared to face a decision change. As soon as you sleep with the new one, you might be forced to leave your first girl. Either by mind games from the second, or by the truthful truth from the first one. So just think things through, and put on a scale the benefits and disbenefits.

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i would say younger..... much more firmer and thier mostly hot!

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My first 5 partners were between 7 and 20 years older than me. I learned a lot and was never disappointed in the experience

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Good, go for it!

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Come On..That's like asking is a Virgin better than a pole Dancer!...Um...Ok...No it's NOT!

I was 20 when I started living with a 26 yr.old woman.She was a Promotion Model From T.O.The Problem is,and Always will be This.An Older Woman,here we're Talking my Experience.The older the Couple,the Less Age Plays a part.

For Me,I was in A High Visibility Job,All My Co-Workers behind the Bar Were Women.I was Propositioned,To ****,So Many Times,Every Night,By the "Customers".

my Girlfriend,We Lived Together,had a 3yr old Daughter.

My Life,home life,was a Family Orientated Life.

At 26 and Divorced,My Girlfriend wanted Stability,Consistency,a Future.I,on the other hand,at 21,wanted *****,Always,Never the same Twice...Well...You know...maybe a Few Times with the Freaks.

Our "Goals" and our look at the Future were totally Different.You Need to Know...I LOVED HER...I mean I Really Loved Her.We had So Much that made us.....US.I can't Explain It...No one Really in Love Can.But when It came Right Down to It...I was 21....I ****** Every "Woman" who through themselves at me.I couldn't Stop.

The Reason...i was 21...I was Supposed to **** Every "Woman" I Could.A combonation of 21 a Male has one of his most Compeling Sexual Mindsets.

For thw Sake of Arguement...I was 26...She was 31.ATotally Different Dynamic.Regardless of Influences,at 26 I'm looking to ProCreate.She's Able to Do So.Neither of us are are governed Soley By our Sexual Drives.

Though in a Realationship,I don't believe chronological age plays a Defining Part.We Love who We Love.

If You're Ready to Settle In a "One Woman Man"...the Urges for More and More Indescriminate ******* Fades,Age no longer becomes a Barrier.

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Does it feel good or bad? I think you answered your own question....:)

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