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He lapsed into sleep, dreaming of enormous thighs.......legs of lamb and chicken legs danced across his mind's eye......... Next Morning.... “Morning, Brainard” said The Professor jauntily the next day. “Anything happening with The Nerd?”. “No, Professor - not so much as a squeak on the monitors all night. We'll just have to be patient, I think, and keep on with our work!”. “Quite so, Brainard, quite so! I'm expecting a call from President Ovama, so can you just hold the fort for a while?” “Certainly, Professor – no trouble at all”, said Brainard as The Professor left the room. The Nerd watched carefully as the tall thin old one left his sight, and the short one with glasses stayed, putting his feet up, and looking at all those dials and screens and so on. What was he doing? It all seemed to come from that funny plug in the wall, with that long grey cord coming out of it and into the back of the machines.
TryTheseonForThighs TryTheseonForThighs 22-25, M Apr 23, 2014 in Community

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