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left me half a year ago.Came back to me.Now left me again.Completely ignore me.WTF he wants when i did nothing wrong but he did so many wrong things i still can forgive him.The last message he texted was he dont deserve me.And left me again!So irresponsible.**** him pound.Cried while working when everyone is so concerning about me.I hide myself in the toilet making sure i back to the office with a smile.Its hard i can handle this.!I know i can.!Noone wil know the pain i feel inside.I want to let him know,i am okay i m all fine without him!
jessycarcher jessycarcher 22-25, F 2 Answers Jan 20, 2012

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nah, **** him,. he been using you for a while then dump you for another woman then he will do the same. it a cruel world out there,you not the only one.

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