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lol, dont be hard on him..this could be many reasons..he's afraid of the toilet, he cant quite judge the feeling of i've got to go now, he's too busy playing and puts off going till its too late...make going to the toilet encouraging. as stupid as it sounds, we use to have a poo fairy that lived in our toilet and when they made it, they were allowed one of her stickers or treats.

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I agree. Im sure that he will just 'get it' one day. Stay positive, but be firm in asserting that it's not appropriate. I know it sounds a little harsh - but if you remind him that he soon goes to 'big school' he won't be invited to parties if he has accidents all the time.. It's mean, I know. Glad it wasnt a problem in my house! (She makes up for it in MANY other ways though!) Good luck x

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its called disapline use it

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Aw, that's hilarious but disgusting though! lol

Encourage your son to do a poo in the potty/trainer and reward him with a prize.

Whenever he poops on floor, don't whop his bum - that's extreme. After you clean him up, send him to a spot where he had to stay there for 4 mins doing nothing like on the stairs or a chair in the corner and every time he moves before the time's up, put him back there and make him stay there for 4 mins. (4mins to match his age). Stick to it and it will work eventually. When the time is up, you kneel down to his level and say him, I put you on the stairs because you pooped on the floor. It was wrong and it's not nice. If he say sorry, give him a hug. (got the idea from the famous Jo Frost in Supernanny).

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You'll have to closely monitor him more and catch him in the act , he needs to know it's not appropriate behaviour .

You'll need to see a professional before he starts school , even if he displays no other problem behaviour . No school will or should have to deal with that .

My son is Autistic and still in a nappy at nearing start of school and it took us a lot of hard work to get him toilet trained so he could get a place in a " regular " school .

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