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I will be planning to shop tomorrow and get stuff so i can avoid and plan good stuff but as always carbs 11 grams well less today even tho same calories little less but like 9 carbs total today 3 meals just been like hungry lately cause i just started low carb and my weight no change from the over high cals yesterday i actually sweated all nigth like i rant a mile or longer. Is today going to hurt for being second day of mistake?
natosha120 natosha120 22-25 2 Answers Aug 2, 2012 in Health

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U need some SERIOUS punctuation!

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of course it matters, eating 3k calories but no carbs only means you are causing your body to turn to proteins for energy, hence why you are hungry. just deal with the hunger and suck it up, in six months you wont care if you were hungry when you went to sleep, you will care if you're still fat...... think about it

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