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I need help!! I am great friends with this boy and we are like brother and sister. But just this morning I get a reply on facebook from my friends girlfriend. I asked her why she wanted to be my friend and she said she had heard of me so she wanted to be my friend. I was a little confused at first. But anyway, we started talking. She was very nice and then she mentioned how she and my friend broke up last night. She broke them up but wants to get back together with him. I said I could help maybe and she said thanks. Im nervous though on how to bring it up with my Bro. I dont want to like.... hitch into his life. So Im kinda scared on what to do. AND the big problem is that I have a crush on this guy and so does he. ( He told me ) But I dont know what to do. HELP!!?!?!? Thanks :)
SFennell SFennell 13-15, F 1 Answer Feb 11, 2011

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if you are as close as what you say you are then just come out and say what happened.tell him you know they broke up and ask him what happened.tell him she is interested in getting back with him and ask him how he feels about that.ask him if theres still feelings for her and if he has feelings for you then see how the conversation ends.if you are close this will be easy and risk free to do.

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