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I am in the same boat. I don't know if you have tried seeing anyone else? This is going to sound absolutely horrid, but please bear with's about your body, and it's based on science, and the male/female bond.

Men are able to have a relationship with a woman and walk away unscathed. The act of sex, however, causes a real chemical reaction to occur in the body of the female. She literally bonds with that male.

The only way to break the bond is to have sex...(not just a one night stand, but an actual relationship) with someone else. The chemical bond will then be transferred to the new male.

That may seem a bit simplistic...but it is the only thing that works. You will always love and remember him, but the agony will be eased, and you won't constantly ache for him and need him, and cry for him.

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to get over my ex i remembered the best and worst moment we were together and erased all other memories, when i feel loss for her i remember the hurt, when i feel anger i remember the joy, after a while they will counter act each other and you will have no feelings for him at all, or pin a picture to a dart board and throw a dart at it every morning, after time you will realize you don't need it or him.

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Try not think about him if you want to get over him you could ask someone out take someone on a date start acting like you are free and don't show that you still have feelings 4 him no one can help that open your self get your self busy that will get your mind of him try this and if this doesent work then feel free to message me I hope this helps

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