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Last night I had a dream that I was at a school. At some point a group of soldiers came onto the property and I don't remember what exactly drove me outside but I ended up taking a bayonet 4 inches deep into my chest from one of the soldiers. I began to gasp and stumble back into the school and my mom was there. For whatever reason I calmed down enough to realize I had to prevent myself from going into shock. I had no idea when an ambulance or whatever was coming. So i kept trying to walk and do things like help other people who had been hurt but the whole time my chest is gaping and I'm nearing death. This goes on for what I would estimate as 20 mins before the last thing I remember was going to check on my med-evac and getting no answer. So I told the woman I .... Think..... I'm... goin.... in..ta. shock. Then I woke up
Chlomo Chlomo 22-25, M 1 Answer Aug 25, 2014 in Military

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It's not a dream, you had the news on while you slept

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