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I have an incredibly serious face. Not exactly an ugly one, but very nerdy and granny-ish! I am 16, but people sometimes take me to be 25! My friends (the few I have, and they are from kindergarten, so we kinda grew up together, and that's why they're there) say that it's a HUGE turn off for most people, guy and girls alike. They say I look intimidating to most, especially to guys (and my athletic 5'10" frame doesn't help). It's not like I always FEEL serious, just look it. How can I look a little merrier and happy-go-lucky???
theegyptianprincess theegyptianprincess 16-17, F 7 Answers Dec 8, 2012 in Self Improvement

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What about practicing in front of the mirror? <br />
Some facial ex<x>pressions can even be strengthened or weakened with make-up, if you know how. There most be something on the Internet about that.<br />
<br />
But when I think about it... every hot woman I can think of right now looks better with a serious facial ex<x>pression.

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just smile and be yourself who give a crap what they think. God made you perfect in his image. Good luck

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unfortunately..., its the way you were born :

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