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ok im 14 & my dad is not too too strict. He lets me hangout with friends just so long as he knows their parents (which is fine with me). He does not let me have YouTube, iPod, phone, an allowance etc. but i don't want those things. The reason I am writing is cause of what happened almost one year ago. Ok my dad is a general contractor, and he's been in the businesses for over a decade, so he has TONS of files piled up. And he's a work-aholic so one year ago he gave me a "job" of scanning those files so that they would be in digital format. I had no choice but to accept! so recently ive been slacking. This made Dad pretty upset, and he is threatening to take away all my free time. No im not 1 of those spoiled rich kids. I just feel like work (any ones work, not just his) is more important than my family! please help me!
freeztakejohns freeztakejohns 26-30 3 Answers May 19, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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Awe :/ that's so sad. You could always say the amount of work he's making you do is effecting your school, so maybe make an agreement with him that you'll hell him if he makes himself more available in other ways. Like as a real parent. Not a boss

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