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I am dating a man who I was involved with 20 years ago. He has just come out of a very long marriage and it has broken down due to his emotionally/verbally abusive ex-wife. She is an alcoholic and will not admit she has a problem. They have joint custody of their 15 year old daughter. My problem is that when we are together, she often rings and texts him with foul abuse and name calling. It is unsettling and I am getting tired of it. (Has been going on for 8 months). He is soft with her and says he wants to keep the peace as they have property together and he wants to keep on her good side until the property settlement has been reached. I would like feedback from other people or thoughts as to how I might handle this situation. He will not turn his phone off while we are together in case his daughter needs to call him.
Jewelia Jewelia 51-55, F 2 Answers Oct 12, 2010

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He needs to change his number and only give his new one to his daughter. There is no reason whatsoever for her to need to contact him. If she needs to get in touch regarding the divorce, property or anything they shared while they were married, she can do that through a lawyer. <br />
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She still has a hold of him even though they are separated. He needs to bring out the new 'won't take any **** anymore' new him and she'll soon **** off.

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MysticEyes just answered your question perfectly. As a divorced husband I could not have answered it any better. He must, however, stick to his guns and only give the new number to his daughter and let other things work there way out in court. Ultimately, that is where it will be resolved anyway no matter how much *** kissing he does with his ex! Tell her to F/O!

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