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My ma makes me my food, but since I study an hour from 6:30 to 7:30 and it takes me 20 minutes to get ready, I never eat a really big break feast. Well, ma has been telling me I shouldn't be vegetarian. Well, I talked her out of it, and for a while she was all angry about how she had to make extra meals for me and how I should cook for myself. My mom thinks that since I don't eat her food (which I do, I just don't eat a lot of it,) I should just make myself my own food. So I did. I prepared myself a peanut butter sandwich and some carrots for break feast. My mom saw me eating a 6:20 (I never have time to eat after, so I usually eat a smaller meal) and started to yell at me about how she was making food for me without complain and yet I'm eating food I made. She also told me she'll replace my room with a 30 sq. ft. one... the attic. I almost feel like Harry Potter with his step parents... Is ther e something wrong with me, or my mom or neither? Help?!
charelschinchillas charelschinchillas 13-15 2 Answers Dec 14, 2012 in Family Struggles

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Consider yourself lucky.

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That's not all of it... But ok :)

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