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im writing a love story but cant think of a proper story line since i've used most of them in my other stories anyone got any idea's ?? where is the story based where they meet ect
lilliverpoolsangel1011 lilliverpoolsangel1011 13-15, F 3 Answers Nov 15, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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The guy been away,out of town for years. he back home He goes visit his best friend. his best friend's little sister is there. he is about 9 years older than her. when he last saw her she was 12 or 13. now she's 21 22.

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Along the lines of `Wuthering Heights`. He is working a farm single handed in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors, the weather is stormy and bleak. He hears a cry for help and finds a waif of a lass sodden lying in the muddy peat. He picks her up easily and makes his way to the warm farmhouse...................................

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I always write my stories before picking a story line out of it that reaches out to me. :D

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