I just got off anti depressants and substituted it for the gym. I am looking for some type of herbal pill that helps reduce social anxiety, if any. Does anyone have any recommendations they swear by?
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i think alcohol is the best remedy for social anxiety... have 3 or 4 shots of whiskey in ur pocket each day

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After an auto accident I was having huge anxiety attacks. My husband asked for me to get something from the doctor to curb these.

But the tablet put me to sleep instantly. I cut it in half and the same thing.

So I asked my doctor what could I use that was not chemical.

Without hesitation she told me St. Johns Wort. Years later I still take this Herb. When I stop, after a few days the anxiety returns.

Try this. It's quite mild and your body will have no drug interaction.

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Passion flower tea.

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I've heard callyphos or something like that. Haven't tried it myself. I recently stopped taking all medication including a antidepressants and Xanax. I just can't see anything working like Xanax did

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Orange essential oil and stay away from pot :o)

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