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Simply99Anonymous Simply99Anonymous 13-15, F 7 Answers May 19, 2012

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You are not fat! Some people are cruel or unkind because they are not happy with themselves. Please don't let them make you miserable.<br />
You are very young & nicely tall already.<br />
As you are still growing & will probably end up being about 1.75 tall which is brilliant height.My niece is about that height & she is gorgeous.<br />
<br />
Some girls develop early some later and that is fine.<br />
It is good habit to find sport that you enjoy & do that on regular basis. This will tone you up & you will feel better too as you will have more energy & you will feel happy inside.<br />
Try eating some fish,lean meat stir fried with veg, steamed veg, nuts and fruit. Have 3 meals a day & 2 small snacks(piece of fruit or few nuts).<br />
I got to 1.68 at 17 and I weigh 65 kg, I exercise & eat well & look really well as result.<br />
<br />
Good Luck & Be happy & kind to yourself

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No-one here knows that metric crapola.

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