Okay well I am born on August 23rd.. & Something that confuses me is the zodiac signs.. Leo and Virgo are my signs supposedly. I want some perspectives on these two in general. Thank you.
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I can tell you that astrology is all crap and only a weak mind believes in it

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Well obviously I have a different perspective on it & Thats your opinion.. thanks though ha!

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August 19 to August 23

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Moving past the exploration of the world and the need to nurture of the first four signs, Leo's great need is to create. Virgos, represented by the sixth sign of the zodiac, bring their skills and talents together for the good of others. Those born on the Leo/Virgo cusp have the vitality and ambition to be successful in their creative endeavors and are industrious and efficient when working for a good cause. The astrological symbol of Leo is the Lion. The astrological symbol of Virgo is the Virgin. The Virgin reflects the qualities of a virgin, rather than the definition: Virgos and Virgo cusps tend to be shy and somewhat nervous, and they may be undemonstrative.

The Leo/Virgo is a curious mixture of introverted and extroverted tendencies, modesty and flamboyance, and a capacity to see both the largest and the smallest picture in every situation. They are practical and logical, and extremely creative. Virgo and Virgo cusps are skilled at seeing all sides of a situation. In this way, Virgo exemplifies the mutable quality assigned to it. Leo and Leo cusps hold strong, steady opinions and have a strong ability to see their projects through to the end. In this way, Leo exemplifies the fixed quality assigned to it. Leo/Virgos are good businesspeople because of their methodical attention to detail and their ability to stick with a practical and organized routine. They are good organizers, and they tend to be popular, even inspiring.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. In ancient Roman mythology, Mercury (and his Greek equivalent, Hermes) was the messenger god. He was a quick, nervous type, and he was known for his strong reasoning and capacity for analyzing. Communication is his province. As a planet, Mercury is androgynous. In ancient times, the Sun was believed to be the center of the Universe, the core of existence, the Father.

Leo/Virgo cusps are gregarious and social, fun-loving and live life with enthusiasm. The natural leadership of these people and their administrative prowess help ensure that their projects are successful. Leo/Virgos enjoy exploring subjects or interests deeply. They are very good at understanding the deeper meaning of what others say. They rely on logic rather than emotion to make their decisions. They are reliable, practical and diligent, but they can sometimes seem picky or overcritical to those who aren't as discriminating as they are.

Leo/Virgos are decisive and direct, optimistic that they will succeed. Sometimes they exaggerate problems and overreact to stumbling blocks, but generally they are positive and their natural pride and stubborn streak keeps them from giving up. The element associated with Leo is Fire. Fire Signs are physical: they tend to respond to the world through action, rather than intellect or emotion. The element associated with Virgo is Earth.

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As a Leo,your a lion.

As a Virgo,you want to possess the lion.

Now,team the two characters and see what you come up with.

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I'm a leo virgo cusp, 22nd. cant tell you much.

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