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As a teacher, please don't name them with the same letter of the alphabet. My mom and aunt are twins too and they both hate having the same letter with a passion. I agree with the twin on here. Twins are special enough without having to have the same letter to each of their names, if you do want to do that, then do it with their middle names instead. Twins maybe twins, but they are individuals too. Give them both amazing names that has a memory or a meaning that is special to the parents.

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carol abd charles

adam and arlette

melanie and miguel

sophia and stefen

fabian and fabiola

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angela and adrien

leanna and leo

daniel and danielle....maybe too similar^^

adam and anabelle...or any female "A" name, of which their are many....adalia, anita, anastasia, alexis, adalaide, etc, etc.

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Chase and Chelsie.

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Gerard and Georgia

Harry and Harriet

Andrew and Alice

Alex and Allison

Sam and Shelby

Sam and Sophie

David and Danielle

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Amy and Adam

Ryan and Rylie

Kaden and Kristie

Alex and Anna

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all this are great , thanks will give my fren and let u kno which she picked

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Hah, okay.

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Axel and Ann.

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Luke and Leia.

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As a twin, I seriously recommend that you do not give them matchy names.

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Roger and Rogernette

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Allisson and Alex

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Piper and Parker

Paige and Preston

Grace and Gavin

Caroline and Carson

Ella and Evan

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Sarah and Samuel

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