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G u shd learn better 2say stuff... soo ppl cn understand UR Ssss.

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i used to doubt many things about my girl friend have faith and trust as my doubts almost cost me my relationship..<br />
be open and discuss them together<br />
a little poem i wrote to my girl friend wen we had probs<br />
No matter what life puts us through ................<br />
my love for you will always be true<br />
there will be times when things seem wrong<br />
but together well make it with a love so strong<br />
<br />
we shall laugh..we shall cry<br />
but our love will get us by<br />
morning evening day and night <br />
our sweet love will keep us right

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Why are you having doubts? Are you insecure or has she given you a reason? Give her a chance. I agree with Kan my ex used to accuse me of things all the time and it just drove us apart. Its normal to feel insecure but try to deal with it instead of taking it out on her, uless you have a reason to feel that way then get rid of her.

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