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I tend to think if a person is not my friend, then they are nobody to me and I always wonder if people are my friends. I tend to focus so much on friendship because I want friendship to be all about like, love and trust. When things do not go my way, then I get mad. Its not that I want close friends only, its just that I do not want friends that are only because of work, school, etc and I do not want friends that do not like me (ie do not want to talk to me, do not want to connect with me personally (common interests, goals, etc), or do not care about me). This tends to be a control issue since I am always focused on friends and I want them so much. I have been rejected in the past and I just want friends to fill that void. How can I stop this madness?
geonavigator07 geonavigator07 22-25, M 1 Answer Nov 8, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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I think I am the opposite. I avoid friendship. I tend to keep a pretty good distance from people that actually like me. I have done this for so long I really have a hard time being any other way.

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