Hey I would like your advice. I just don't know what is going on.. I just got to know if its all in my head or not and you have always been a straight shooter..I have a situation I don't really know what to do.. Here goes there is a guy at work and from the moment I started and met him it is almost like he goes out of his way to say hi and find a way to talk to me even if it is just hey, hi or hows it going..Sometimes he comes and eats lunch with us group of girls (he don't say much but sits with us and sits across from me). One day I had a sweater on and he pasted by and said hey I like your sweater, (I just kinda looked at him like wth where did that come from) anyways he just turned around and walk out of the room.. The next day at work I was off, but he ask one of my coworkers to come here she went over and he told her that he told me that my sweater looked nice on me and then that I looked at him with a look that maybe I thought he was making fun of me or something and he went on to tell her he wasn't that he just wanted to let me know it looked nice (of course she is looking at him now like what the hell is going on).. Then one day we were walking around in building showing one of the new hires where everything was and as I pasted by him he was talking to another worker and he placed his hand on my back kinda did a rub and said hey and just kept smiling as I walked away..If for someone I am busy and don't talk to him or something he gets a little upset and acts funny.. I really just don't know what is going on.. Sometimes I think its in my head, but then even the girls say something is going on, but I have no ideal what it is.. I am very shy around him where I am usually not shy around guys so it is hard to talk to him and I really just don't know what to say.. I need help maybe with finding what to say without sounding dumb and I need to know if its just me or if he might be into me.. I need advice.. I really don't know how to act or what to do.. and **** i have been out of practice for so long it could be all in my head.. just trying to figure out if he is into me or not.
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If you like him then I would start by smiling at him. Then ask him how he likes the company you work for and let a conversation flow. Think of some other questions like what are your hobbies, what kind of music do you like etc..It is always hardest when you like someone to know how what to say but once the ice is broken it gets easier...Good Luck!

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Sounds like he likes you. Do you like him? Just relax and take it easy things always work out the way they are ment to...sooner or later. Good luck and the very best of wishes.

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yes i think i do.. and thank you

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