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And can you move it this way? It feels like if i pressure the teeth root on the gums it feels like after some time it is loose Reason why i tried to do this is because i have 2 crooked tooth, and tried to pressure the gums to move the teeth i dont know maybe it worked, is this a bad idea?
Selfconsciousness Selfconsciousness 18-21, M 4 Answers Jun 26, 2012

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run to the dentist ASAP

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That is a VERY bad idea.<br />
If you want your teeth straight, go to a dentist and see about getting Invisalign.<br />
<br />
But for the moment, I guess you could make jokes..."Well, I'm SUCH a Winehouse fan, I decided to make my teeth look like hers."

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Funny thing is i used to have 4 crooked teeth, 1 in each side of the mouth like a vampire, but 2 of them (both in the left side) Is sitting normally and is good looking, so if i smile with only my left mouth its a great smile.
I have no idea if i did this, cause i have tried this before and felt a change in my crooked teeth

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