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Onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the sound it is describing. For example:

• Baa

• Bang

• Beep

• Boom

• Buzz

• Croak

• Hiss

• Meow

• Oink

• Pow

• Shh

• Swish

• Wham

• Swish

• Creek

The adjective onomatopoeic can be used in the sentence 'Woof is an example of onomatopoeia'. The adverb onomatopoeically is used in the sentence 'She lived her life onomatopoeically ...whoopy!'

Onomatopoeia can be used as a linguistic device in many types of writings including jokes. Do you remember the old Knock-Knock jokes, even the name of this type of joke is another example of onomatopoeia.

What about the joke:

Knock-knock Who's there?


Boo who?

Don't cry, I was only joking guessed it, another example of onomatopoeia . *Woosh*

God bless you.............:)

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zing.... let the imagination roam around a bit.

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"Bong.......Bong........Bong....................Bonggggggggggggggggggggggggg" (deep-noted bell)

"Quack!" (or in French, "Coin!")

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Italian onomatopoeia; Boh!, Oo-fah, eh eh, Boo-ah, boo boo set-ta-tay, bao bao, pee iu pee iu, aa choo.

English; Duh, uh huh, booboo, peek-a-boo, arf arf, gobble gobble, aa choo

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ok. basic, but appropriate i guess :)

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Zoom Zoom -- what else would a Mazda use as an example?

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haha, thats a good example :)

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