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That would be me!!!

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My first love came when I was 14. He was 17. It was like a movie. Saw him across the yard at a party and he walked up and took me in his arms for a very deep kiss.

We were together many years. Then when his father died he had a very hard time. He took to drugs and didn't want to tell me of his pain. (he never told me this but only recently. He was afraid he might hurt me and left to protect me. His addiction was that bad, and I never saw it.)

One night after a date he looked at me and said 'goodbye'

Not good night. But the one word we promised to NEVER say.

I thought or assumed he wanted to move on. I wasn't going to hold him down. I loved him enough to let him go.

Years moved on and I married just to get away. To move on from my memories. I never forgot him.

One day I went to face book to search his name. And I saw it and my breath stopped.

I left a little message and wished him well. Blessed him and his family and he was gone... I told him I never stopped loving him. Broken in two with each thought that came into my head of that feeling. I know without a doubt in my senior years now that this love I held for this wonderful person was REAL.

We have begun a communication via Skype. And though my husband has had a stroke and is currently in an ALF, I can never feel right in leaving him now being he has nobody else.

So Bill and I wait. And we talk about this love we have now is better and grander than it was those years ago. My marriage is nothing. Sexless and old. But I feel an obligation to keep my vows. And Bill knows and respects my wishes. I want so bad to take a plane and go to him. But he holds me back. Telling me he will wait till 4ever if he must. It's hard, but he gets me through my days and my nights.

PS: I'm 61 years now.

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keep looking....

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Not me, I married my 11th love.

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dont write the book because no one in the world did that

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